A Trusted Law Firm Serving

Organizations and Professionals

The Solutions You Need for High-Skill Placement, Talent Management, and Career Advancement

When you are dealing with complex legal issues, it is important to work with a skilled legal advisor you can trust to deliver practical guidance quickly and effectively. At Bruner Law Group, you have access to attorneys with three decades of experience working with organizations and professionals in various industries, including healthcare, computer science, engineering, architecture, medical research, legal, and other high-skill fields.

We recognize that the legal, professional and often personal issues inherent in talent acquisition, talent management, and career advancement can be time-consuming to organizations and individuals whose efforts are better spent in their high-skill fields, not navigating the complex and constantly evolving area of law.  We help organizations and individuals plan ahead, anticipate the next steps, understand timelines, and set reasonable expectations for certain results.  We do not just assist our clients with high-skill placement, talent management, and career advancement, we build trusting relationships.

What is the Bruner Law Group Difference?

Benefit from a trusted, relationship-based law firm

  • Custom Legal Strategies

    No two situations are alike — so why would it make sense to use a one-size-fits-all approach to your particular immigration issue.

  • Innovative Workflow

    Our innovative workflow model is deadline-driven to respond to time-sensitive placements, preservation of immigration status and uninterrupted employment authorization.

  • Communication and Accessibility

    Our client-focused approach means you have access to a skilled immigration attorney when you need one, not just when the attorney has time to get back to you.

  • Flat Rate

    You receive the benefit of transparent, flat-rate pricing on immigration legal services, giving you a reliable quote from the start and eliminating guesswork for you or your organization.