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The Solutions You Need for High-Skill Placement, Talent Management, and Career Advancement

When you are dealing with complex legal issues, it is important to work with a skilled legal advisor you can trust to deliver practical guidance quickly and effectively.  At Bruner Law Group, you have access to attorneys with three decades of experience working with organizations and professionals in various industries including healthcare, engineering, architecture, medical research, and other high-skill fields.

We recognize that the legal, professional and often personal issues inherent in talent acquisition, talent management, and career advancement can be time-consuming to organizations and individuals whose efforts are better spent in their high-skill fields, not navigating the complex and constantly evolving area of law.  We help organizations and individuals plan ahead, anticipate the next steps, understand timelines, and set reasonable expectations for certain results.  We do not assist our clients with high-skill placement, talent management, and career advancement, we build trusting relationships.


The Benefits of Forming a Relationship with a Skilled and Responsive Attorney

We do not just counsel clients, but we invest in the success of each, leading them toward the achievement of their goals.  By forming a relationship with Bruner Law Group, you and your organization are able to leverage the following benefits:

Personal Attention

You receive the guidance of a dedicated attorney who considers your unique circumstances and needs, and details a sound strategy for you or your organization.  This level of personal attention is why we have formed so many strong bonds with our clients over the years.

Strategic Road Map

Early comprehensive case assessments help outline a strategic road map for high-skill placement, talent management, and career advancement.   We take the time to thoroughly discuss and analyze the objective and any potential obstacles.  The roadmap deliverables include a document outlining the necessary steps in pursuit of clients’ goals, the financial and personnel investments required, and a timeline for achieving the solution for talent acquisition, talent management, and career advancement.

Broader Thinking Leads to Better Results

It is important to work with an experienced attorney who has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the law, particularly the multitude of laws and regulations impacting employment-based high-skilled placement.  We dig deep to understand the organization’s or individual’s objectives and use that understanding to become a valuable part of the team.  We know that the role of lawyers should not be simply to interpret and understand the law, but advise on how the law can be properly utilized to achieve your objectives.  We add the most value by helping plan the strategies necessary to achieve your goals and then by assisting in implementing your strategic plans to a successful, efficient and cost-effective conclusion.  We apply broader thinking to gain insight into the challenges facing the organization or individual now and in the future.  We are forward-thinking to prevent certain issues from arising, keeping you protected and giving you greater peace of mind.

Continuous Access

When dealing with complex legal issues, you need a legal advisor in close reach who answers your phone calls, emails, text messages, and returns messages as soon as possible to fit the requirements of the client.  This sense of urgency is absolutely critical, as you often need cohesive answers to legal matters quickly.


We promise only what we are certain we can deliver.  Then, we deliver it.


Get the Legal Solutions You Need

If our approach is of interest to you or you need an attorney that invests in your goals, we invite you to contact one of our attorneys to discuss how we can serve you.  Reach out to us to form a trusted attorney-client relationship, and we will be there for you.